Maya is choosing between several pay plans for her new job. If she usually has monthly sales of about $5,000, which plan would allow Maya to earn the most money in a month?PlanMonthly base salaryCommission rateA$5008%B$6007%C$7006%D$8005%

Accepted Solution

Answer:The correct answer is D.Step-by-step explanation:You have to calculate the total salary of each plan, considering the monthly base salary plus the comission.So you have to calculate the comission for each plan considering monthly sales are $5000, and add the monthly base salary.Let's do the math:Plan A[tex]$500+(5000*8/100)=900[/tex]Plan B[tex]$600+(5000*7/100)=950[/tex]Plan C[tex]$700+(5000*6/100)=1000[/tex]Plan D[tex]$800+(5000*5/100)=1050[/tex]So, comparing the total amounts of each plan, you can see that Maya will earn the most money in a month with plan D.