how to solve system of equation from a table

Accepted Solution

Answer:   Look for the same entry in both (all) tables.Step-by-step explanation:We assume here that the system of equations consists of two equations in two variables. If there are more equations in more variables, the general approach is the same.A "solution" to a system of equations is a set of variable values that satisfies all equations of the system simultaneously. A table for one equation will generally list sets of variable values that satisfy that equation. When the same set of values appears in the table for each of the equations, then that set of values is the solution.__ExampleThe attachment shows tables for two equations:y = 2xy = x+3Highlighted are the table entries that are the same for both equations. This is the solution to the system of equations. (x, y) = (3, 6) satisfies both equations:6 = 2·36 = 3+3